Post COVID Real Estate Industry Outlooks : 2021 By Infradeals Amravati

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How can real estate businesses adapt current market situation to their business models to keep up with the evolution of their industry ecosystem? Here are four priority areas for 2021 that may help them bridge the gaps while maximising value and growth in their industry.

Grab the new opportunities with complex challenges in an ever-changing environment

Priority 1 : Adoptions of Digital Aspects in Marketing :

Post covid scenarios of marketing the real estate products are drastically changes peoples are adopting the digital marketing. Audience or consumers are trusting the digital marketing but businesses or organisations are not using digital marketing in the way it should be used. As the ticket size of the product is equivalent to roughly whatever our customer is earning in minimum 5 years. The trust building is more important  to crack the deal. and we can do the trust building using digital marketing with remarketing and retargeting concepts. We can market the things specifically on particular audience group. We can create personalisation. We can narrow target everything to anybody

Priority 2 : Adoption of Technology for tracking the business processes.

Tracking is very important thing in the business processes in 2021. Near about 90% businesses have unorganised-untracked businesses in India and majority of them are from real estate. Due to huge profit margins it was ignored in the past by leaders. But now the competition is increased and due to huge competition profits are declining But adoption of technology can solve the problem of untracked processes easily. The investment in terms of setting up a trackers-tools are very low due to SaaS models provided by MarQuery.

Priority 3 : Next Generation Needs of Online presence of Businesses.

India is moving towards the growth and road towards growth is Infrastructure but Infrastructure industry is lacking in adopting a technological changes. In 2021 near-about all the sectors are earning money online. We can say this in simple words as all the industries are digitally monetised. But if we look at the real estate businesses they have very low rating in online presence. Their are many modern way which can be used to gain more traffic in case of real estate such as VR tours, Virtual Tours, Testimonials and videos, Google my businesses optimisations, Google Maps updates, Social Media and lots of many other…

Priority 4 : Modernisation of team.

Due to COVID Lockdown there was blockage in the businesses. But now market is opening and things are started going normal. As everything will start again soon it is the best way to start every things from Morden approach that is from setting up the business processes to applying the modern tracking tools everything can be managed by now. MarQuery has the solution for everything and MarQuery will take care of everything.

Conclusion :

In today’s rapidly evolving market environment, key Real estate Industry issues needs the long term solution . What are the key trends, challenges, and opportunities that may affect your real estate business and influence your strategy in 2021? MarQuery is an One Stop 360 degree solution for very problem in Real Estate industry

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